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Multimedia creative director.

Who is the angry asian?

Where does he come from?

An international expatriate of Vietnamese Korean parents, I was born in Saigon and raised in Malawi. After studying in South Africa and London I began an international career, working around the world in photography, production, design, advertising, and emerging technologies. My deep technical understanding was built in Africa, when visuals arts industries were in infancy and I had to be hands-on and everywhere for projects to work. Why angry? Because I am exacting in my tastes and believe if you are going to do something, do the best you can, all the time.

What can he do for you?

Here’s what he’s done so far

Multimedia creative director

Digital design and creative director, overseeing and executing app design, user interfaces, content, gaming, graphic styles, libraries and guidelines from the ground up. Rewriting and storyboarding SME materials and directing animation.

Producer and photographer

Previously a director / producer of TV and radio commercials, including working as a commercial photographer. Hands on in all areas of video, photography and sound, from concept and scripting to pre and post-production.

Group Creative Director

Seven years for an advertising agency based in 5 African countries. Established country offices, hired, trained, mentored and project managed several simultaneous campaigns and creative teams.

Comic books for development

Edited, and directed and managed writers and illustrators in the creation of comic books funded by UNDP and NDF, to enhance awareness of key development issues amongst youth in Tanzania.

Senior Art Director

For Foote Cone and Belding at their new head office for East Africa in Tanzania. In the lead creative team credited for making Vodafone the largest cellular provider in Tanzania within a year and a half.

The distant past

Photographer, designer and general fixer for news teams working around the world on economic reports for insertion in major international publications.

Some of his work

These are a mix of materials successfully completed over the past few years.

Much of the material here has been conceptualised, presented and executed by me, including everything from casting to wardrobe, to photography, retouch and layout, with support staff for assistance where needed. The links to the right will give you an overview of my depth of knowledge in the various areas I’ve worked in. The extras below are generally one off pieces, some with mixed skills input, others straightforward.

The extras

Mindzu mobile learning app

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Misc Productions

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Misc Advertising

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Design and Photography

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